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Genesis Oxandrolone Tablets 100 tabs [10mg/tab]

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  • General Information:

    Drug name: Oxandrolone
    Drug class: Anabolic / androgenic steroids
    Common brand names: Oxandrolone SPA, Oxandrolone, Bonavar, Oxan
    Common drug quantity:
    Tablets: 2,5mg, 5mg, 10mg

    Use and effective range:
    Applications: quality, diet / competition, strength, women
    Anabolic components: medium
    Androgenic components: low

    Dose range and duration of use:
    Beginners: 15-30mg / day
    Hobby: 20-40mg / day
    Professional range: 30-60mg / day
    Women: 10-25mg / day
    Application period: 6-8 Weeks

    Active-Life: 8-12 hours
    Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (Oral)
    Average Reported Dosage: Men 15-60mg daily Women 10-25mg daily
    Acne: Only when administered in high dosages
    Water Retention: Rare
    High Blood Pressure: Rare
    Liver Toxic: Yes, c17-alfa-alkylated steroid. Due to low dosages
    toxicity is low-moderate
    Aromatization: None
    DHT conversion: Quite low
    Decreases HPTA function: Unlikely even in high dosage use

    Oxandrolone was often refereed to as an all purpose oral AAS. This drug was once marketed under the product name (still commonly used trade name) of Anavar. It has the unique quality of significantly stimulating (more than other AAS) the synthesis of phosphocreatine in muscle cells which in turn provides faster regeneration of, and a distinct elevation in, ATP. Of course all AAS have this effect to some extent.

    Oxandrolone is simply unmatched in this aspect. (See Creatine for more info) Due to this quality, a rapid build- up in strength was frequently reported and an obvious distinct hardness in muscle was obtained with little weight gain and no aromatization.

    Though it is a common belief that Oxandrolone is not very anabolic, a clinical study showed a 44% increase in muscle cell protein synthesis after only 5 days of administration. Since Oxandrolone does not aromatize to estrogen, water retention is reported as quite low and gyno was of no concern. Also, for the same reason, during dieting phases fat deposits were said to be “burned away” more quickly. (Especially when the drug was co-administered with Clenbuterol).

    Oxandrolone was reported to stack well with so -called mass steroids such as testosterone or with high anabolic/moderate androgenic steroids such as Equipoise or Nandrolones. Persons over 40 have reported excellent results by stacking 15-25 mg of Oxandrolone daily with 200-400 mg of Deca.

    A very hard pre-contest appearance has been achieved by males hen stacked with Oxandrolone and Halotestin if a estrogen/progesterone receptor antagonist had been utilized as well. As I said: “all purpose” was commonly the term of choice.

    The drug Oxandrolone was originally manufactured to be used by women to prevent osteoporosis and for children as a cure for stunted growth. The low androgenic quality prevents almost all virilization for women in dosages of 15-mg daily or less. And for the same mason does not cause closure of the epiphysial plates prematurely. An interesting note: Oxandrolone does not suppress any part of the HYPOTHALAMUS-PITUITARY-TESTES AXIS (HPTA). This means Oxandrolone by itself will not significantly suppress natural testosterone production. Therefore it was not uncommon for some athletes to report post-cycle HPTA regeneration protocols that included this drug. The result was prominent lean mass retention.

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