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  • General Information:

    Drug name: Methenolone acetate
    Drug class: Anabolic / androgenic steroids
    Common brand names: Primobolan, Primabolan, Premo SB
    Common drug quantity: Tablets: 25mg

    Use and effective range:
    Applications: beginners, women, quality, diet
    Anabolic components: low
    Androgenic components: strong

    Dose range and duration of use:
    Beginners: 75-150mg / day
    Hobby: 100-150mg / day
    Professional range: 150-300mg / day
    Women: 25-100mg / day
    Application period: 6-16 weeks

    Active-Life: 4-6 hours
    Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (Oral)
    Average Reported Dosage: Men-75-300-mg daily Women 25-100-mg daily
    Acne: Rare
    Water Retention: None
    High Blood Pressure: Rare
    Liver Toxic: Very low and only in very high dosages
    Aromatization: None
    Moderate Anabolic/ Low Androgenic
    DHT Conversion: No
    Decreases HPTA function: Low

    Primobolan tablets are a moderately anabolic and low androgenic oral steroid that was reported as limited in use by most bodybuilders. This was likely simply because alone and when it was administered in listed dosages the drug was not very effective.

    However, gains were made in muscle mass and strength were consistently reported to be of a very high quality and were mostly retained post-cycle. Acetates are "said" to aid in fat burning, so this drug was mostly used in a stack pre-contest.

    The problem in effectiveness lies in the fact that Primobolan acetate is not a c17-alfa-alkylated steroid and is therefore mostly deactivated during the first pass through the liver. As the reader is aware, oral AAS are commonly altered to decrease liver deactivation. The most common alteration is called a c-17 alfa-alkylated drug. This alteration makes the liver work over-time to deactivate it and is therefore said to be highly liver toxic. (But so are most oral birth control drugs) But another alteration in structure allows Primobolan orals to be somewhat resistant to liver deactivation. It is referred to as unsaturation in the 1-position.This alteration allows the compound to resist metabolit deactivation by significantly shifting the 17-Keto redox potential toward creation of active 17-beta hydroxyl AAS. The result is an active oral AAS that is not liver toxic except in very high dosages.

    Some have recalled the injectable form of Primobolan acetate with great fondness for its supposed fat burning/lean mass building qualities. The vials contained only 20-mg of METHENOLONE ACETATE (MA) yet it was reported far more effective than 150mg of the oral. A commonly reported method to obtain greater blood circulatory levels of the oral form was to mix 20-25-mg of the ground tables with either DMSO gel or a 50/50 solution of DMSO and water. Users then simply applied the mixture to their skin (especially in areas of stubborn fat deposits). 10-20% absorbed and passed directly into the blood stream thus avoiding first pass liver deactivation. This was done 1-5 times daily.

    DMSO is a solvent that carries smaller molecule structures mixed with it directly through the skin. It is said to be found at some health food stores and chemical supply warehouses.

    Another reported method was mixing ground Primobolan tabs with Vitamin-E oil. The users then ingested it orally. This caused a great deal of the active steroid to be absorbed through the lymph system like Andriol and therefore avoid first pass deactivation.

    Primobolan tabs were reportedly used most by women and steroid novices because they do not aromatize or cause water retention. Women who utilized 50-100mg daily of this drug seldom noted virilizing side effects. Most report a distinct harder look and a 3-4 LB muscle mass gain in 6-8 weeks. Obviously many females also stacked Primobolan tabs with other drugs to heighten results. Males normally ingested 100-200mg daily in 2-4 divided doses (due to short half-life 4-6 daily divided dosages were more effective at maintaining plasma concentrations of the active drug) and report fair gains.

    Stacked with more androgenic steroids such as testosterone, Parabolan, or even moderate androgenics such as Deca Durabolin or Equipoise, males made high quality muscle mass and strength gains with safer low side effect results.

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